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Our office provides Care that is tailored for your recovery needs.

We don’t believe in the theory of seeing patients as fast as we can like many Chiropractors do in the Pearland area. Of course we want to get you in and out and not waste your time. However, our service is unique that our practice based philosophy is not to spend 5 mins or less with each patient. Every Chiropractic office is very different, and we do not subscribe to a management group that pushes the fast patient care philosophy. When researching the best practice for your needs, you need to evaluate the service you are really receiving. Nor will we try to sell you a $5000 treatment plan and require you to come weekly for a year. We are about getting you out of pain, not keeping you in pain. So if you want a Chiropractor that offers multiple treatment options, dedicates many weekends a year to continued education, performs soft tissue therapy on the patients, and spends more than 5 minutes with you…scroll down for our services.


  • Standard Chiropractic Care- Adjustment
  • Chiropractic Care for Pregnancy including the Webster Technique
  • Chiropractic Care and Natural Health Solutions for Children
  • Active Release Technique- # 1 treatment of choice for athletes with sprains strains
  • Decompression Therapy- We have a 85% success rate with our past patients in helping them with pain relief with their herniated disc pain and pinched nerve pain in the neck and lower back.
  • Deep Tissue Hot Laser- LCT-1000 deep tissue laser speeds up recovery by up to 50-70% faster
  • Fitness- we offer one on one training for all ages but especially for our adults patients that need stronger spine and core.

To contact our office for a consult, please call us at 281.412.9642