Chiropractic care is very beneficial for both Mother and Baby!

What are the benefits of Chiropractic care during pregnancy?
1- Prepares the pelvis for an easier pregnancy and birth by creating a state of balance in pelvic bony structutes, ligaments and muscles.
2- Reduces interference to the mother’s vital nerve system which controls and c0-ordinates all of her systems and functions.
3- Helps reduce the common back and hip pains the mother experiences.

My Experience and Story with Chiropractic Care

I have two children of my own and the last one is about 15 months old. During my pregnancy I worked until about 8 months. Providing Chiropractic care can be very demanding on the body, and I wanted to have a better pregnancy outcome with the second child than the first child. My first experience involved a lot of stress, little to no exercise, alot of sitting, and almost a C-section. I had Pregnancy induced hypertension. I went to the hospital with very high blood pressure, and there was a risk of having a seizure due to the severe pre-eclampsia condition state. Luckily I expressed my adament feeling of I did not want a C-section. My doctor was awesome, for respecting my wishes. I ended up having to be induced, labor was difficult and the chances of having a C-section were very high. I did have my child without a C-section and was very glad.

Now here is what I experienced in my second pregnancy:

1- I worked out for 8 months
2- I had regular Chiropractic Care
3- I had massage care care once monthly and I ate healthier

Not only did I feel great, but I had the easiest delivery any mom could ever ask for in her pregnancy.

What is the Webster Technique?

The Webster Technique is a specific chiropractic analysis and adjustment which reduces nerve system stress, improves pelvic muscle and ligament function reducing torsion to the uterus and potential intrauterine constraint allowing the baby to get into the best possible position for birth.

Why Choose Our Office for Your Pregnancy Care?
We go the extra mile in not only providing the most up to date care, but we take the time to educate our patients on having a healtheir pregnancy.

We provide useful tips to our patients on their second visit to improve their pregnancy outcome for mother and BABY. After all, pregnancy is not always about the mother it is about bringing a healthy happy baby in this world.

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